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Code Of Ethics:

All members of the Alliance agree to be bound by these Code of Ethics.

We will endeavor to perform our professional duties in accordance with the highest moral principles. We will conduct business with honesty and integrity and avoid conduct detrimental to the profession.

We will direct our concerted efforts toward the support, advancement, elevation and furtherance of high personal and professional conduct in the pursuance of business in our own communities, our respective countries, and with our fellow members, wherever they may be.

We will be faithful and diligent in carrying out assignments entrusted to us, and to determine the true facts and render honest, unbiased reports in reference thereto.

We will deal fairly and equitably with our clients and employers, and we will clearly explain the duties and the basis for charges in each undertaking.

We shall refuse to participate in practices which are inconsistent with the standards established by regulatory bodies regarding the delivery of services to clients.

We shall render only those services that the member is competent and qualified to perform.

We shall avoid accepting assignments where a potential conflict of interest may exist. When a conflict of interest becomes evident, the member will take appropriate action to rectify the situation.

We will not directly or indirectly injure the professional reputation, prospects, or practice of another investigator. However, if it is considered that an investigator is guilty of unethical or unfair practice or designs, the member will present the information to the proper authority for action.

We will uphold the By Laws of the Professional Investigators Alliance of Maryland, Inc.

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