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Application For Membership: (click here for App.)

Membership in the Alliance shall be open to all persons who have been directly or indirectly affiliated with the investigation profession for a minimum of one (1) year and qualify for one of the classes of membership.

Membership shall not be granted to any person who has been convicted of a felony unless such conviction was officially pardoned or the record of same has been expunged. In addition, membership shall not be granted to any applicant who has had their license revoked by the issuing authority unless said revocation has been pardoned or expunged.

No applicant shall be denied membership because of their age, race, religion, sex or ethnic origin.

Membership may be suspended or terminated by the Board of Directors for violation of these By Laws and/or the Code of Ethics.

Application for Membership shall be published on the official PIAM newsgroup (current members only), in order that all members have an opportunity to submit objections regarding the applicant's request for membership. Such objection(s) shall be signed and submitted in writing to the President or Executive Secretary no later than thirty (30) days after publication.

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