Top Warning Signs of Identity Theft

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I find it very annoying when someone calls out my name wrongly or refers to me using someone else name. Imagine how it would fill like if someone takes a loan from your bank using your details. Other times, the thieves use your credit card and exhaust everything without your idea. This is part of identity theft.

online fraudIdentity theft is the most common form of cybercrime, and it is growing day after day. Identity theft occurs when someone obtains other persons personal information like credit card number, address, date of birth, bank details, etc. depending on the motive of the thief, the information obtained can be manipulated and misused for their benefit.

It is unfortunate that many people realize that their information has been tampered with after damage has occurred. In case you sense that something unusual is happening to your credit card, for example, do not sit there surprised. Call your bank immediately, and they will take the necessary measures to protect you. Below are some warning signs that show that your identity has been stolen. Read on

Error in Credit Card Statements

Never assume any unauthorized transaction no matter how small it is. Many times, it acts as a hint before the real theft happens. The criminals, use this trick to see if the account is active and the transaction will go through. Currently, almost all banks operate online banking; this gives you an opportunity to track your transactions daily. Report any suspicious transactions to the bank. Many people make the mistake of waiting for monthly statements from the bank. Keep track from your mobile phone on a daily basis.

If You No Longer Receive Emails or Bills

passwords, fingerprintsContact your creditor if you do not receive bills on time. Many times, identity thieves steal their victim’s mail address and change them. Do not ignore the fact that your bills are late or you did not get them the whole of that month. It might be because someone else took over your mailing address.

Receiving Bills of Purchases You Did Not Make

Cybercriminals might purchase items using your credit card until it is dry. If you receive bills or payment notifications you did not make, someone is using your credit card. Keep an eye of all your incoming and outgoing bill statements. If anything unusual is happening, inform your creditor that it was not you and cybercriminals might have attacked you.…