Traffic Laws That Are Easily Forgotten

car window burst

Sometimes, we’ve been a car driver for so long that we begin to forget the rules. After all, nothing has happened so far, right? However, these forgotten traffic rules are usually what leads to the worst car accidents. You might be able to get yourself an accident lawyer afterwards, yet if it’s your own fault, the lawyer won’t be of much help in fighting your case. Here are some of the most commonly forgotten traffic rules that you should keep in mind.


driver wearing seatbeltWearing Seatbelt

Believe it or not, more people get tickets for not wearing a seatbelt than speeding. Most of he drivers claim that they were going somewhere near, and thought that wearing the seatbelt was unnecessary. Wearing your seatbelt prevents you from getting hurt during the accidents. In most cases, it is even more effective than airbags. Speaking of airbags, it is also one of the reasons why people underestimate wearing a seatbelt, thinking that the airbag will save them so there is no need to wear seatbelt.

Everyone inside the car vehicle should wear a seatbelt. In Southeast Asian countries, it is actually normal for people in the backseat to neglect wearing the seatbelt. However, if the people in the backseat doesn’t wear a backseat, they would be thrown to the front during a car accident and could possibly leap out the front window as well.

Distracted Driving

There are a lot of things that can be considered as distracted driving. Being on the phone while driving, putting on the radio too loud during driving, eating or drinking during driving, and even daydreaming when driving. Not all of them is considered a law offense, however, your local police might stop you for it just for the sake of returning your focus.

When driving, make sure that your phone isn’t anywhere near you so that you won’t be tempted to reach for it. You should also avoid drinking or eating, since it is a whole different task that needs total focus. Besides, you’d hate to accidentally spill your drink or food, right?

Even during traffic, try to stay focused and stay away from daydreaming. Put on the radio to keep your mind occupied, but avoid setting the volume up too high.

man driving wearing watchTurning Signals

One of the first things you learn when you’ve just started to drive is to signal when you’re about to do a turn. It lets other vehicles around you know that they should watch out and hit the breaks when needed. Yet this is still one of the few things that most drivers forgot to do.

As a result, they would run into another vehicle or worse, a person! Or another vehicle would run into them.  A lot of accidents began this way, whether the vehicle about to turn forgot to signal or the vehicle approaching didn’t notice it because the signaling was too late into the turn.